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I'm here!

Right here - in front of my computer - right where you left me. :)

In fact, I haven't been right here this whole time - it's been almost 3 months since I wrote a journal update here, and my blog's been about as active. Sorry...!

I've been quite busy with things out in the real world, and have had to cast some things aside as a result. In fact, if you noticed, I'm no longer a subscriber to dA...I didn't originally intend for my subscription to run out, but it did and as I pay with a debit card, I cannot spend more money than I have. Since I prefer cash, I don't really even use this card, and so when it runs out of money it takes ages for me to get around to "re-filling" it. No big deal. That's $8 dollars saved?

I have been taking photos, though - plenty of them. My summer's been enjoyable, that's for sure. Although I've been at home for most of it, I've found time for just about everything I wanted to do, including a trip to the mountains, much-needed house cleaning, plenty of OpenArena, a bonfire, time with my boyfriend, and final preparations for college.

I made this little video a few days ago, and with my poor internet I've only just gotten around to uploading it - sad excuse perhaps, but please, take a look.

I am selling my prints from Anywhere Left to Turn, my exhibit back in March, and would greatly appreciate any and all patronage. ;)

Additionally, you can find me on Facebook. I do photo restorations - please consider this if you have any old damaged photos lying around!

I'll be around...just you wait.
  • Listening to: Celldweller
  • Watching: Are You Being Served?
  • Playing: OpenArena
  • Eating: sparingly
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
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Submitted on
August 19, 2010